(c) IEA is a non profit membership organization founded in 2008

and dedicated to the public engagement in scientific research

and education of Equisetum Biology ( Equisetology ).



" IEA Promotes Research and Teaching

of Taxonomy, Systematics and Phylogeny

of Equisetum ( Horsetail ) "


1. The IEA is a non-profit scientific association

which has as its aim the promotion of the developmental

study of Equisetum Biology ( Equisetology ).

2. The aim of the IEA is to integrate enthusiasts and scientists

working in Equisetum, create a representation of the association

and to popularize equisetological knowledge.

3. The IEA acts as a platform for discussion and cooperation

of all enthusiasts and biologists using Equisetum as the

objects of their experiments, pure and applied.


International Research Botany Group - International Botany Project